Installation Instructions

  1. Before base is uncrated, it must be checked for any damage that may have occurred during transit. John Kramer's Fabrications, Inc. is not responsible for any damage that occurs after delivery of base.
  2. Once uncrated, base must not be set on any sides, base must be kept flat and treated like glass.
  3. Floor where base is to be installed must be flat and level.
  4. Make sure there is enough clearance around drain so strainer nut is below sub floor.
  5. All struts under base must be in contact with floor to maintain warranty.
  6. Install base against studs - use no mechanical fasteners.
  7. Never force base between studs. 1/8" clearance is recommended.
  8. Install wall material (plywood, moisture resistance drywall, cement board) at least 1/2" from top of water table on base.
  9. You are now ready for finished wall installation.