Returns & Allowances

Please adhere to the following policies and procedures for credit to be considered.


All orders are custom made. No returns are accepted.

Defective Products:

Any defective products that need to be returned must include a Return Good Authorization number which is obtained from a John Kramer's Fabrications, Inc. customer service representative and must be recorded on the returning packaging list.
No merchandise is to be returned or scrapped without prior sales service and operations manager approval. John Kramer's Fabrications, Inc. may request samples demonstrating the defect before further action. All unauthorized returns may be refused by John Kramer's Fabrications, Inc. and returned.

Field Warranty Issue: No product will be returned following 90 days of the receipt of product by the original buyer.

Credit or reimbursement will be issued for the original purchase price or a replacement will be sent. John Kramer's Fabrications, Inc. reserves the right to request the return of any or all of the defective products.

Adequate Packaging:

When authorization is received, return John Kramer's Fabrications, Inc. products in a manner which avoids damage by utilizing internal packaging items, as well as the cartons that provide adequate protection.

Damages and Claims:

Merchandise is inspected and packed in approved cartons before it leaves our facility. Should you receive any portion of this shipment in damaged condition, either apparent or concealed, it is the duty of the consignee to assess the damage of the goods and submit a claim with the delivery freight carrier to insure against loss. All suspected damage must be noted on the bill of lading.


No deduction from payments to John Kramer's Fabrications, Inc. may be made for returned merchandise until you are advised by John Kramer's Fabrications, Inc. of the amount of credit due. No deductions will be honored until returned goods are processed through our Quality Control audit. A credit statement will be issued after approval.


No allowance shall be made for any outside labor repairing our products without prior written approval from John Kramer's Fabrications, Inc.

Restocking Charge for Non-Damaged Goods:

No return will be authorized unless the parts are in good resalable condition. Returns must be sent within the 90 day policy, in good resalable condition, on a prepaid freight basis only.